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 The Sinkhole Pack Information

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The Sinkhole Pack Information Empty
PostSubject: The Sinkhole Pack Information   The Sinkhole Pack Information I_icon_minitimeTue Jan 29, 2019 8:54 pm

The Sinkhole Pack
The Sinkhole Pack Information Sinkho10

The Sinkhole Pack resides in the outskirts of Shadesbury and the old abandoned town where the sinkhole appeared, thus giving them their name. They are strictly dogs only, with a rigid structure quite different from the clans. It would be advised that wolves keep a safe distance as the pack is well versed in fighting, and are not afraid to fight dirty to win.

White Demon [M]
Valkyrie [F]
Nitra [F]
Bone Carver
Liam [M]
Trainee Bone Carver
• N/A
Elder Council
• N/A
Artemis [F]
Melissa [F]
• N/A
• Runa [F]
• N/A

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The Sinkhole Pack Information
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